• In 2022 Ironveld agreed the acquisition of the Ferrochrome Furnaces (Pty) Ltd, the smelter complex in Rustenburg. The business name will be changed to Bokone Smelting (Pty) Ltd.  
  • The refurbishment project was substantially completed by the end of 2023
  • At full capacity the Rustenburg operations are expected to be producing the following approximate quantities of products per annum:
    • c20,000 tonnes of high purity iron; 
    • c180 tonnes of vanadium metal contained in slag; and
    • c3,600 tonnes of titanium metal contained in slag.
  • The fourth furnace at the Rustenburg complex is planned as spare capacity during routine maintenance of the other three furnaces and when not required for this may be used for third party testwork or toll treatment 
  • Power supply at the Rustenburg complex is completely ‘off grid’, thereby reducing the disruptions and inefficiencies caused by frequent ‘load shedding’ in South Africa by ESKOM.