Ironveld is a speciality metals producer based in South Africa.
The Group has an operating Mining division which mines vanadiferous-titaniferous-magnetite for sale to industrial users and to its own Smelting division, which processes the Group’s magnetite ore into three valuable products:
• High Purity Iron
• Vanadium slag
• Titanium slag

Ironveld’s current strategy is to seek to maximise revenues from its metals by moving towards production of specialist high purity iron powders.


Ironveld announced in 2022 that it had agreed terms to acquire 100% of the share capital of Ferrochrome Furnaces Pty Limited (“FCF”).
FCF (to be renamed ‘Bokone Smelting’) owned a mothballed smelter complex in Rustenburg, South Africa which is approximately 400 kilometres from Ironveld's Bushveld mining project.

The complex consists of four 2.5 MW tilting EAF furnaces and four convertors with ladles, cranes and associated buildings and equipment.

Ironveld completed a refurbishment of the facility during 2023 and is currently working towards optimising production at the facility.