Ironveld aims to maintain best operating practice in all areas of its business, integrating an environment, social and governance policy that enforces sustainability across the company. We will operate in full compliance with the laws and regulations of South Africa, and in line with leading standards of health, safety and environmental management. As Ironveld accelerates towards production, with all necessary environmental and operational permits in place, it recognises its responsibility to the environment and local communities, creating shared value for all stakeholders. We encourage open and constructive engagement, and clear communication with shareholders and stakeholders, creating beneficial and lasting developments. At Ironveld, it is our strategy to responsibly produce materials that will help provide solutions to creating a clean environment. Our products; high purity iron, vanadium in slag and titanium in slag will contribute to this collective goal through increasing efficiencies, especially in manufacturing as an additive of iron powders which will help reduce energy usage, and providing critical metals required in green energy storage (vanadium). Titanium and vanadium are also used for alloys that increase the strength and longevity of metals.