It is our role to operate in a sustainable manner, and with this in mind, Ironveld Smelting and Ironveld Mining have received official approvals from the Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism for the Environmental Impact Assessment, as well as approval from the Department of Mineral Resources for the Environmental Management Programme. We endeavour to limit our impact on the environment and implement, where possible, systems that will optimise our efficiencies. At the Smelter Facility, Ironveld Smelting is actively involved in research to reduce carbon usage in its furnace operations as well as investigating technology to reduce GHG emissions. In addition, the company will further reduce its carbon footprint as it intends to operate using renewable energy having engaged Enernet Global Inc (“Enernet”) to deliver a hybrid power plant including solar, battery storage and thermal generation that will scale over time, ensuring that a minimum of 50% of generation is from renewable resources at each stage. Enernet will build, own, operate and maintain the power plant which will provide security of power supply on a capex-free basis.