Ironveld recognises the importance of strong, open and professional relationships with the communities located near and within the project area and actively engages with the community representatives on a regular basis, in order to address the various statutory and other programmes and initiatives that Ironveld is developing to meet the communities development and growth agendas. The local communities hold shares in the company through the BBBEE companies that have a shareholding in the operating companies that make up the Ironveld Group. This shareholding is 26% as per the BBBEE's Code of Good Practice and the Mining Charter. To support the communities, in addition to the statutory Social Labour Programme which addresses education, health and infrastructure needs of the communities Ironnveld also has a Community Development Agreement which is currently been negotiated with each community to help communities meet their particular aspirations. In addition, Ironveld has established and is developing a number of social initiatives. For more information on this click here